Wonder Festival 2010 Winter Report

To combat the so-called "dealer dash" (a designation for those people already inside the venue rushing to a particular table for hot items, as opposed to attendees who are still outside), the organizers sealed the passages linking two of the event halls (A and B blocks in one hall and C and D blocks in the other) for the first 10 or so minutes. Also, a very clear announcement directing people to not run no matter what was issued, with the threat of cancelling indefinitely the event in case someone got injured. As a result, people seemed more "orderly", relatively speaking...

Video Clip:
Who's in a hurry?
Dealers, LOL!

My first stop was SVL, which strands for Super Victory Laboratory (I love this guy's enthusiasm!), a dealer famous for custom Microman parts as well as highly detailed 1/76 Ma.K suits. To my surprise, the first customer who got there was a young beautiful lady (you can see her arriving and bowing in the above clip)! The dealer himself seemed even more surprised, fumbling while telling her that it really was rare (she came for the Microman parts)! The dealer is a very cool-looking guy dressed in a leather jacket with flames drawn on the sleeves; you can have a glimpse of him with shades towards the end of the above clip. All the Ma.K fans who visited him agree, saying he looks like a rock star!

WF Pic
Next in the same hall was Dame-na Otona No Kai,
which may be translated as Society of Worthless Adults (!!!!!),
who were were selling armor resin parts branded Brave Model...

WF Pic
... along with a couple of 1/20 figures under the Ma.K license.

WF Pic
One was this mechanic ...

WF Pic
... and the other was a very cool-looking pilot!

When I asked why they chose this name, they told me that you could only join the club if you were ... worthless! But I am assuming that means what you make is of no use to ordinary folks but of interest to the same worthless people!
The seller explained to me and apologized that all the figures were cast manually and that he selected the least imperfect "pulls" for sales. To which I replied: a garage kit in true spirit should be hand-cast, imperfections are part of a garage kit, and no one will complain when the kit is as inexpensive as these. He was delighted.

WF Pic
Immediately after was Drunk Dog & Saru-ya.

WF Pic
Up for grab were these pilot heads and bust, as well as convertion parts for PKA-G suits (not pictured) such as left manipulator, Panzerschreck, back engine cover, etc...

WF Pic
... and of course the Nixe (apparently pronounced: nee-zeh) conversion kit.
I was unaware so many incarnations had been built so far!

WF Pic
I am not sure if these are all using the conversion kit...

WF Pic
... or scratch-built ...

WF Pic
... but they sure look ...

WF Pic
... fantastic!

This whole thing is Worthless!
I seem to recall seeing Monkeys...
Are there other Neighbors?